PanelDaemon Setup
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After you have set the Administrator password, optionally installed the .NET 2.0 Framework and IIS, you will need to install PanelDaemon. Locate the MSI which you downloaded from SourceForge and double click on it. You will see the dialog below. Click on the Next button.

Accept the license agreement (GPL) and click Next.

You will now need to type in the Administrator's password that you set earlier. PanelDaemon also requires an "admin" user to function. Type in their username and corresponding password. Then click Next.

You can now set whether you see just FireDaemon services or all Windows services in PanelDaemon.

Now choose under which IIS website you want to install PanelDaemon, the IIS Virtual Directory name and Application Pool name. Then click Next.

You are all set to install PanelDaemon. Click Next.

PanelDaemon will be installed (it might take a few minutes).

Once installed you will see the following dialog box. Follow the instructions if you wish to install Web Remote Desktop. Then click the Next button.

That's it! PanelDaemon is installed. Now click the Close button.

Lastly test that PanelDaemon is running. Open your favourite browser and point it at http://localhost/PanelDaemon_v1.5/. You should see a web page similar to the following. You will now be able to login as "Admin" (the second username and password that you typed in earlier) with the password you set.