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After successful login you should see a web page similar to the following. Services are listed alphabetically. Shortcuts to FireDaemon services are available as a tab underneath the main buttons at the top of the page. For each service, you will see a green or red button depicting whether the service is actually running, the Service Short Name, it's Startup Type (one of Automatic, Manual or Disable), the Identity it is run as and the Process ID of the running service. The Select and View/Edit columns allow to "Select" the service (allowing you to Start/Stop/Restart it) and View/Edit the service in more detail.

The buttons at the top of the web page have the following functionality:

Svc List

Takes you back to the Service List above if you are viewing the properties of an individual service


Starts the "Select"ed service


Stops the "Select"ed service


Restarts the "Select"ed service

Start All

Starts All FireDaemon services

Stop All

Stops All FireDaemon services


Changes the service list view from All Services to just FireDaemon services

Log Off

Logs off PanelDaemon


About PanelDaemon


Allows you to use the Terminal Services Web connection to RDP to a remote machine via your browser